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All during design and manufacturing, we take maintenance into account. It is our philosophy to deliver a maintenance friendly application. Our products are used worldwide, and therefore we supply a good maintenance system with our designs. And we only use components that are commonly available throughout the world. No special connections, filters, or valves, but common products of renowned brands.

HydraulIQ has a service department of appr. 15 field engineers with fully equipped service trucks. They can both be deployed nationally and internationally, 24/7.

HydraulIQ’s home base (50 km to the South of Rotterdam, 40 km north of Antwerp) is a very well equipped, modern facility for any hydraulic testing, maintenance and repairs.

Our workshop
Our workshop is one of the most modern in the Netherlands (South) and can be reached via the A58. On a floor area of 6000 m2, we have created separate rooms for the warehouse, the machinery, hose assembly, construction, paint shop and the test area. Separate rooms make it possibly to keep the products clean.

Certified welders make the steel frames and cylinders. TIG and MIG welding is done in house.

Walform deformation machine:

Walform deformation machine is a machine to deform hydraulic piping in order to get a super high quality connection between piping and hydraulic fittings and other hydraulic components.

* GL
* LLoyds


Machining tools:

•    5-axes CNC machining center (Doosan, Hyundai-Kia)
•    lathes for large cylinders up to 350mm diameter
•    screw-tap machines
•    drilling machines
•    grinding machines
•    cranes up to 20,000 kg.

All the products that are thoroughly tested before delivery at HydraulIQ.

Sometimes testing takes longer than the actual manufacturing!
The ultimate goal is to deliver a product that works correctly, from the very first time. To do this we work with you to create a test protocol and test schedule, our products must comply with the clients requirements. After testing the product is cleaned and plugged.

HydraulIQ has a test area of 14 x 2.5 x 3 m, testing can be done up to â ‘70 degrees Celsius achieved by means of nitrogen cooling.




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• Hydraulics hoses >>
• Hydraulic piping, also in stainless steel >>


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