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HydraulIQ preferably uses products of the broad Bosch Rexroth program.

HydraulIQ takes serviceability seriously, wherever you are.
We exclusively work with components that are world widely available.
This is another reason why our products are used throughout the world.

Our production and assembly is monitored during the whole process. This is done via our ISO-9001 standard, audited by Lloyds register.

Within HydraulIQ we take good our products, customers and personnel serious. We do not want to see our products back in the shop, unless they are in for service or taken out of service after several decades.

The HydraulIQ team is a young, but nevertheless, very experienced in hydraulic system assembly. The complete automation and interconnection of all of the customer required technical features, makes our job the ultimate challenge to get it done right the first time.

We as HydraulIQ are a team of hydraulic technicians, that only want a superb result for our customers. We do not want to lose face in any technical challenge and are therefore well equipped with hydraulic engineers, hydraulic based – project managers, – sales personnel and of course a serious dose of Dutch humour.

So there is no reason at all why you should not visit us during our work in Roosendaal.




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