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HydraulIQ is the ideal partner in hydraulics, pneumatics and mechanical engineering in general.
Key concepts that give us a leading edge to provide the best solution for you:

The power of HydraulIQ: joined thinking in advance, not only in terms of product development and manufacturing, but also in the area of pricing and logistics.

We know, better than anyone, through experience and partnership with reputable vendors, what’s for sale in the market. For example, we can advise you on typical components and prices. We shall take account of the power of our suppliers; one is better in ATEX Directive, the other in proportional valves. In different countries there are different preferred suppliers. We evaluate the usage requirements for the device, occasional to everyday use.

We take part in your design, we know exactly how a product can, and sometimes must be, edited. With small adjustments, you can save costs. We help you to reduce the number of solutions, for example, with an additional connection on a cylinder it can be used to replace multiple cylinders. Finally, we use common standards, which make it possible to adapt standard products into your designed product.


We provide “plug and play” solutions. 
We build to your dimensions and we provide a manifold, powerpack, cylinder or complete hydraulic automated system, ready to install into your own design.

Quick delivery times (QRM) HydraulIQ has its own engineering department, to provide a quick solution and offer for your problem. We provide a final quote for you, as soon as the specifications are known. After ordering, we will keep to our short, but reliable lead times. In order to be able to deliver quickly, we have an extensive inventory and will adapt our production process to have sufficient capacity for the rush jobs. We have shaped our working process in to the QRM method (Quick Response Manufacturing), creating shorter lead times, fewer stock and last but not least a low financial cash flow in your projects or processes.




Our products can be certified according:
• ISO 9001
• TüV

All our machines are produced according the machinery directive and other relevant (inter)national directives.


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