Our hydraulic engineers generate and disseminate hydraulic knowledge in an international on- and offshore environment. The aim is to solve present-day social problems, such as the reduction of flood risks and the development of coastal zones. Not only these typical lowland-related projects as dredging machinery, control-and-command of locking gates and bridges are dealt with, but also installation equipment for the offshore energy (wind, oil & gas), Agricultural machinery, packing machinery and other Industrial handling.

In an ever changing environment our curiosity is triggered to study the underlying processes, in order to find sustainable solutions and to develop for the future. Our engineers always cooperate in a strong relationship with our clients.

We take part in your design, we know exactly how a product can, and sometimes must be, edited. With small adjustments, you can save costs. We help you to reduce the number of solutions, for example, with an additional connection on a cylinder it can be used to replace multiple cylinders. Finally, we make it possible to adapt standard products into your designed product.


We provide “plug and play” solutions. 
We build to your dimensions and provide a manifold, powerpack, cylinder or complete hydraulic automated system, ready to install into your own design.



Our products can be certified according:

• ISO 9001
• TüV
• LLoyds

All our machines are produced according the machinery directive and other relevant (inter)national directives.


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